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Solution for your CNC LATHE and MACHINING CENTER

These days new CNC machine has both oil & water separated capability. But it has only very limited effect.
Over the past 30 years, no one has come to propose a very efficient method to solve this headge.
We research and develop this equipment together with our Taiwan Partner for 2 years. We finally success to produce a VERY EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL,LONG LIFE SPAN and without needed to replace consumable OIL/WATER SEPARATOR.
Our oil water separator equipment uses the vacuum suction produced by the cam & floating disk has special structure to extract oil and water. Base on the difference between the proportion of water & oil in static state separation by weight method. Using timing, fixed time operation allows cutting fluid purification long-term, so that the efficiency of the staff as well as plant environment quality increased dramatically, not to replace consumers cut solution/coolant, more economical and environment friendly


1) No need to replace the cutting fluid.
    - This product can keep the water quality clean without replacing the coolant and reduce cost.
2) Oil content is lower, reducing waste water to discharge.
    - Effectively separate the cutting fluid and the oil. Reduce waste water discharged and environmental pollution.
3) Increase the life of cutting tool. Work more efficiency.
    - Let machining jigs and fixture clean easier and increase efficiency by accurate on the tools.
4) To improve air quality. Maintain health
    - Reduce a lot of pungent odor and protect health. Provide a good working environment.
5) Easy install, simple structure, low cost, no consumable
    - Any machine & model can be installed.

Please refer to the video clip below for the functions Oil~Water Separator
Please refer to the video clip below for the Installation of  Oil~Water Separator